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Mechanical Projects


Power Engineering works on a wide range of Mechanical Projects, including:

  • Ocean Outfalls
  • Remote Boring and Pulling
  • Fresh/Waste Water Pump Stations
  • Meter and Valve Installation
  • Live Force Main Tie-Ins and Connections
  • Large Diameter Piping Installation
  • Piping Repair, both externally and internally (often with diver assistance)

These photographs show a sampling of projects including the removal, modification, and installation of a new end gate on SFPUC’s Southwest Ocean Outfall, construction of the 14 Mile Slough Waste Water Pump Station, installation of a new flow meter on the influent line to the Palo Alto WWTP, a complicated raw water piping system at the Stockton WPCP, and the replacement of a force main under the Feather River in Yuba City, CA.

Power Engineering has completed a number of mechanical projects involving dewatering, system bypasses, low flow tie-ins, diver penetration of flooded systems, short duration turn-around system modifications and work in environmentally sensitive areas.  Please contact us for a detailing listing of projects and clients.