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Power Engineering Construction Co. offers a full-scale diving operation complete with commercial divers, derrick barge, and marine engineering support for underwater construction and repair projects of all types. Along with comprehensive diving services, you can rely on Power Engineering for emergency response, serving the entire Bay Area, with direct access to San Francisco Bay.


  • Underwater construction
  • Inspections
  • Underwater piping, valves, screens
  • Turn around and shutdown dive operations
  • Certified underwater and topside welding
  • Pipeline repairs
  • Marine salvage
  • Site surveys
  • Debris removal
  • Underwater pile repairs
  • Weko seal installation

Some of our recent projects involving underwater work are:

Exploratorium at Pier 15 and 17 – San Francisco, CA
The Exploratorium project involved the upgrade of Pier 15 and the reconstruction of the north apron of Pier 17. The underwater portion of this project included underwater repair of existing concrete jacketed timber piles and four new seismic caps with 72″ diameter piles. Over 1200 piles were repaired to eliminate on-going sulphate damage to the existing concrete.  Read more…

PG&E Tunnel Closures and Shoreline Maintenance – San Francisco, CA
The objective of this project was the permanent closure and filling of 16 concrete cooling water tunnels at PG&E’s Hunters Point Power Plant facility. The project included a number of pre-dive inspections followed by sediment removal work, underwater dowelling, forming, rebar installation, and concrete placement of new cast-in-place concrete closure walls at the tunnel entrances. The job was a tightly scheduled and safety driven with 90% of the work dive related. Read more…

Southwest Ocean Outfall (SWOO) End Gate Removal, Repair and Installation – San Francisco, CA
The end gate is located 4.5 miles offshore in 85 feet of water.
Phase I was removal of the existing end gate and installation of a temporary steel plate.  The existing gate was brought ashore for modification.
Phase II was the repair and installation. Power Engineering modified the existing 8 foot diameter end gate, coordinated the intermittent shutdown of the SFPUC Oceanside WWTP SWOO, located the end of the SWOO using side-scan sonar, positioned a dive ship over the SWOO, removed the temporary cover, then installed the modified end gate using divers and air lift bags. All activities were completed in 4 successive 12-hour shutdown windows. Read more…

Stockton Channel Water Quality Improvements – Stockton, CA
This project was designed to improve the water quality within the San Joaquin River adjacent to downtown Stockton.  The secondary function of the project was to improve the aquatic habitat for the various fish and marine animals in the vicinity.  Underwater work involved installing a series of aeration headers on the river bottom using precast concrete anchors and fused polyethylene headers.

South Bayside System Authority (SBSA) Outfall Replacement – Redwood City, CA 

This project replaced a segment of an existing concrete outfall with a 66-inch polyethylene pipe. The replacement section runs through bay wetlands and was replaced while the force-main remained active. Work consisted of constructing a 17-foot by 235-foot steel sheet pile cofferdam with bracing, in bay mud, over the existing outfall. The cofferdam was constructed with 50 to 55 foot AZ18 sheets. Later phases of the project included excavation, removal of the existing RCP pipe, and installation of a new polyethylene pipe using divers, backfilling and removal of the cofferdam. Divers successfully managed short windows of time to complete pipe inspections, pipe repairs and installation of WEKO-SEAL. Read more…