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Phillips 66 Marine Oil Facilities


Rodeo and Richmond, CA


Phillips 66 initiated a proactive upgrade program at their Richmond Terminal and San Francisco refinery following a MOTEMS (Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards) performance audit. Power Engineering was selected as the Prime Marine Contractor for both facilities. Project work included upgrading and replacing the existing timber fender system, seismic upgrade of the wharf structures in the Richmond Terminal, and repair to the existing concrete wharfs and pipe ways.

The two marine facilities are located between San Francisco Bay and the Carquinez Strait in an area known for strong currents and high winds. The environmental challenges were compounded by the requirement to work around each facility’s shipping schedules. These environmental and operational constraints added complexity to the project, especially for the underwater construction phases.

  • The fender system in the Richmond Terminal was upgraded by replacing existing timber piling with a new cone-fender panel system. New steel piles and a steel whaler system, connected to the existing wharf, were installed as part of the cone-fender installation.
  • The Richmond Terminal’s seismic upgrade involved driving new 66-inch diameter x 115 foot x 1.5 inch wall steel pipe piles and constructing cast-in-place concrete seismic pile caps. Five piles were driven at the tanker wharf, dock, and three piles at the barge wharf. The piles were connected to the existing dock with new seismic pile caps.
  • Concrete repairs were made throughout the Richmond terminal and included work at the over-water pipeway, and on the over-water wharf piles, pile caps, beams, and utility vaults.
  • Significant concrete repair also took place at the San Francisco refinery at Rodeo and included repairs to the concrete superstructure, in-water piles, beams, columns and deck soffits. Multi-diver teams allowed for diving to be scheduled within tight shipping windows. Power’s in-house team of ADCI divers completed this work.

With no on-shore construction area available, all fender work, pile driving and concrete repair were completed using Power Engineering’s derrick cranes and barges. There were no safety or environmental incidents on the project. All work was successfully completed on time and on budget.