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Demo of the Eastern Span of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge


San Francisco, CA


Dismantling of the Cantilever Section of the nearly 2-mile long original East Span of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is well underway. Removal of the entire structure is scheduled for completion in spring 2018.

After receiving a boost in funding from the Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee (TBPOC), to make up for some delays in the overall schedule, Power Engineering Construction Co. was brought in to help expedite the work. It was a great fit with Power having a fleet of marine equipment, crane operators, divers, and engineers merely a stone’s throw away in Alameda.

Power was responsible for building temporary shoring towers to brace the original bridge during deconstruction. In addition, constructing a temporary foundation on column E1 to support the installation of a tower crane.

Power Engineering supplied the following operated equipment on the project:

  • D.B. Alameda, a fully-revolving derrick barge with the capacity to pick 100 ton at 40 feet.
  • D.B. Challenger, a fully-revolving crane barge with the capacity to pick 20 ton at 40 feet.
  • Two (2) flat deck material barges, one each to provide support for the barge cranes.