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Downtown SF Ferry Terminal Expansion


San Francisco, CA

DESCRIPTION :  [watch video]

Currently underway, this project is the expansion of downtown San Francisco’s existing ferry terminal. Where currently there are two ferry terminals servicing downtown San Francisco, there will soon be four terminals within a spacious layout intended to improve service and waiting facilities for ferry riders. There will be weather-protection canopies, large waterside pedestrian promenade areas and a spacious new granite plaza with amphitheater seating. This terminal will also serve as an emergency service facility in the event of a regional disaster.

All construction work will be completed from the water using PEC’s fleet of floating equipment including material barges, derrick barges, and sectional flexi-float barges. Waterside project mobilization will prevent traffic interruptions and allow current ferry service to remain operational during the entire course of the project.

The first phase of the expansion involved the demolition of San Francisco’s Pier 2, dredging of the WETA downtown ferry terminal turning basin, and installation of 154 large diameter steel pilings that are the foundation for the expansion. The second and final phase begins November 2017. The entire project is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2019.


“We acknowledge the complexity and challenge of working on San Francisco Bay in the heart of downtown San Francisco ” said Michael Gougherty
WETA Senior Planner. “At the same time, we’re very confident of PEC’s ability to deliver. They are skilled in complex over-water construction and have a great track record of building high-quality projects along the San Francisco Bay waterfront.”