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Treasure Island Ferry Terminal & Breakwater


San Francisco, CA


Treasure Island Ferry Terminal is a critical component of the Treasure Island Community Development transportation plan.  By 2035, 24,000 new residents will be able to call Treasure Island & Yerba Buena Island home. The new ferry terminal will bring necessary commuter service to these residents while adding to the waterfront lifestyle of living on the island.

There are two critical components of the terminal being designed and built simultaneously by Power Engineering. One is the over-water ferry terminal itself – which marries up to a land-based transportation hub at the entrance to Treasure Island. The ferry terminal is made up of a fixed concrete pier, a gangway, and a steel float; the terminal will support both regional ferries and water taxis.

The second component of the project is a large concrete breakwater designed to protect the ferry terminal from substantial swell and wind conditions inherent on the San Francisco side of Treasure Island.  The breakwater will allow ferries to approach and safely land/board passengers at the Ferry Terminal. The breakwater is constructed of 815 lineal feet of continuous vertical precast concrete sheet piling with concrete batter piles every 6 to 18 feet for lateral load strength and a continuous concrete cap cast over both the batter and sheet piling.

The key element of success on the project is Power Engineering’s field construction team.  Years of experience working over water have allowed Power’s field teams to adapt to both the rough water conditions and challenging access conditions.  A combination of teamwork and planning has allowed the entire team to keep the project safely on schedule.