David first worked as an intern at Power Engineering in 1991. He was impressed with the method used at a project in an air hanger at Moffett Field. Rather than setting up scaffolding to rebuild the trusses, the men rappelled from the ceiling. This innovative approach to construction is what drew him to Power Engineering and continues to inspire him on complex projects today. Whether he is on the job, in the water diving, on the water surfing, or simply riding his bike, David is pushing himself to a new personal best. David is up for just about any adventure, despite a seemingly quiet life with his family in Danville.David earned his B.S. in Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, spent four years on active duty as a US Naval Officer, and earned his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Stanford University.LinkedIn Profile

ken_websiteKen started his career with Power in 1980. With a background in diving and other water sports, he had an eagerness to pursue marine related projects. Because of Ken’s strong technical capabilities and hands-on field experience, the complex engineering projects that involved both marine and civil became a natural for the company. Since then, he’s spent his career seeking out projects that require a high level of involvement and complexity. When not at his desk or on a job site, you’re best bet is to look on the slopes at Kirkwood. Ken holds a Civil Engineering degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is a Registered Civil Engineer in the state of California.LinkedIn Profile

Danny was raised in the Bay Area and has been at Power Engineering since its inception in 1986.  He began his construction career as a welder in the Richmond shipyards. He joined our predecessor company in 1971 and has worked continuously for the company for the past 41 years. Danny started as the yard and jobsite runner, working his way up the trades as a mechanic, diver, shop foreman/fabricator, push boat and barge crane operator, superintendent and eventually general superintendent for all construction operations. He has worked on many notable projects over the years; including the prototype deck replacement on the Golden Gate Bridge and the penstock outfall tower extension in Lake Wildwood. At this stage of his career, it would be difficult to find a place in the Bay Area where Danny has not had a hand in building something.  Danny currently estimates and continues advising on means and methods for our field operations.Danny is the proud father of three sons and a daughter. He enjoys being on the water doing boating, fishing, relaxing, restaurants, and of course his Giants and 49ers.LinkedIn Profile

hilary_tigueWhen looking to make a long-term commitment to a construction-engineering firm, Hilary knew she would have to choose a company with interests as varied as her own and with a culture of putting engineers on jobsites. Power Engineering’s creative approach to construction and interest in complex projects were a perfect match in Hilary’s quest for professional development. She joined the company in 2002. Hilary earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and lives with her husband, daughter and two dogs.LinkedIn Profile