our fleet

Power maintains a diverse fleet of modern marine and heavy-civil construction equipment, including derrick barges, material barges, work boats, cranes, excavators, loaders, drills, and commercial diving equipment. Our extensive inventory is meticulously serviced, upgraded, and ready for action. This robust collection of machinery and technology enables us to tackle a wide range of projects, ensuring we can meet our clients' varied needs and surge additional capacity as required.


Derrick cranes

Power's fleet of fully revolving floating cranes range in size from 25 to 250 tons, with different hull dimensions and capacities tailored for overwater pile driving, heavy lifting, and demolition projects. We continually reinvest in technological upgrades, prioritizing features like dynamic positioning systems, and eco-friendly, electrically powered operations.

Flexifloats™ and Modular Barge Systems

Interlocking modular barge float systems provide a remarkable degree of versatility and adaptability in marine construction environments that would otherwise by inaccessible to traditional deck barges. The individual modular pieces enable customization of the platform’s size and shape to suit any project’s specific needs. The systems are easily transportable on land and assembled in locations like lakes, rivers and challenging offshore environments.


Material barges are an efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective means of transporting and staging bulk materials and equipment for construction projects located near water or in remote and challenging locations. Power maintains 10 deck barges ranging in size from 30’ x 80’ to 40’ x 185’, offering a versatile range of options to meet project-specific needs.

Landside equipment

Power’s inventory of landside equipment encompasses lattice booms, hydraulic cranes, excavators, loaders, drills, and a wide assortment of specialized machinery. We are fully equipped to meet the demands of complex heavy-civil construction projects.

diving equipment

Power’s ADCI-certified dive teams are equipped with an arsenal of cutting-edge equipment, enabling them to perform underwater operations efficiently and safely in a wide range of marine settings. Our comprehensive resources include state-of-the-art diving gear, dive vessels, work boats, support tools, tugboats, and barges. Our specialized equipment comprises:

  • Lift bags and advanced salvage gear
  • High-definition video equipment for precise inspections and surveys
  • A diverse array of pneumatic and hydraulic tools tailored for construction tasks
  • Water jets and dredges optimized for efficient excavations

Diving trailers, vessels, and offshore control vehicles are fully outfitted and always on standby for emergency response situations.