Deep Expertise,
Comprehensive Capabilities

From high-profile waterfront developments to unseen critical infrastructure, Power has the breadth of capabilities and depth of expertise to master complex construction projects from design through delivery.


Power makes waterfronts work for people, cities, and industries. We are built, trained, and equipped for complex marine projects that involve work near, on, and under the water. As we take on construction challenges, we take seriously our role as responsible stewards of the sea and our waterways, with decades of experience working in sensitive coastal areas and the utmost respect for the environment. Our wide-ranging experience includes:

  • Pier Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Marine Terminals
  • Docks and Marinas
  • Ocean Outfall and Intake Pipelines
  • Seawalls and Breakwaters
  • Underwater Construction
  • Concrete Rehabilitation
  • Heavy Lift Over Water
  • Pile Driving
  • Marine Demolition and Salvage
  • Subsea Electrical/Fiber-Optic Cable Installation
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heavy civil CONSTRUCTION

Since our founding in 1986, when we routinely performed contaminated water diving services and emergency pipeline repairs, we’ve been honing our expertise in a variety of heavy civil projects. Our managers and work crews excel in orchestrating bypass and shutdown operations at treatment plants through extensive pre-planning. We come fully equipped for any job with a comprehensive inventory of heavy civil equipment ready to go. Our experience includes:

  • Deep Excavations and Shoring
  • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Flood and Erosion Control
  • Creek, Wetland, and Habitat Restoration
  • Slope Stabilization and Rock Bolting
  • Mechanical Installations and Replacements
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Commercial Diving

Power's comprehensive diving operation is a dedicated team of ADCI-certified professional divers, equipped with specialized vessels, cutting edge equipment, and engineering support.

Our capabilities span diverse marine environments, including offshore and inland bodies of water, as well as facilities and pipelines. We thrive in challenging environments, from sedimentary seabeds to murky waters and strong currents.

For our San Francisco Bay Area clients, our swift response dive vessels and trailers offer a one-hour emergency and casualty response time. Clients across Central California benefit from a four-hour response time. All our diving endeavors consistently exceed OSHA, USCG, and USACE regulations, aligning with ADCI's best industry practices.

  • Underwater Construction
  • Marine Salvage and Debris Removal
  • Inspections from Tactical to Deconstructive
  • Turnaround and Shutdown Dive Operations
  • Underwater Certified Welding
  • Underwater Pipeline Repairs
  • Site Surveys
  • Underwater Pile Repairs
  • Weko Seal Installation
  • Dredging and Excavations
  • Subsea Electrical/Fiber-Optic Cable Installation
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emergency services

Having direct access to San Francisco Bay and a fleet of landside and waterside equipment, our crews stand ready for emergency response services for storm damage repairs, critical infrastructure repairs, and emergency diving operations, including:

  • Seawall Repairs
  • Submerged and Underground Pipeline Repairs  
  • Demolition and Salvage
  • Allision Response
  • Fender Repair
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Structural Timber or Steel Repairs and Restoration

Our commitment to swift action for diving and casualty response includes specialized dive vessels and trailers, providing a one-hour emergency and casualty response time within the San Francisco Bay Area and a four-hour response time throughout Central California.


With almost four decades of experience, we are design-build experts with a proven track record. Our history has cultivated trust and proficiency, enabling us to leverage the power of the design-build contracting model.

The design-build approach promotes early involvement and brings together project owners, engineers, contractors, and permitting agencies, resulting in cohesive teams with shared goals.

It’s an established strategy for achieving the delicate balance between cost, schedule, and quality assurance while staying aligned with project objectives.

Let's work together to create outstanding outcomes for your next project.

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